With the technology and the automotive industry and social progress, the car can be said that more and more Turbocharger civilians, you can walk into the tens of thousands of households. Although one hundred thousand is not particularly small number, but used to buy a car on behalf of the picnic or affordable. However, the saying goes, easy to buy a car is difficult to raise a car Although the car bought, but after the car repair, maintenance, and so need to pay, especially the daily fuel consumption. At this point, if the quality of the car to start a certain guarantee, and fuel consumption is relatively low, then, for a familys daily expenses to worry and ease a lot.
So, todays big mang mang to count several 100,000 within the fuel-efficient joint venture models.
Nissan sunshine
Official guide price: 7.98-11.28 million
Dealer reference price: 6.18-9.48 million
1.5L owners word of mouth comprehensive fuel consumption:
Manual 6.1L / 100km
Automatic 6.2L / 100km
Because the cash of the sun listed in April 2016, so the appearance is used in the old family style, the front of the X shape is very prominent, sharp, the overall look rounded. The contours of the body side full of harmony, not using too many lines to outline, straight waist is also relatively weakened, the overall look generous decent
In the interior is also the use of a lot of round and curve with, to create a relaxed and warm atmosphere, the overall is more home style. Although the interior material used hard plastic, but in the visual does not feel cheap.
In the power, only a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, with the transmission of 5-speed manual gearbox and CVT CVT. Sunshine CVT continuously variable transmission in the smooth and noise control performance is good. Fuel consumption performance is also very prominent, manual average fuel consumption reached 6.1L / 100km, automatic average fuel consumption is also a 6.2L / 100km excellent performance.
Toyota Vios
Sogou screenshot 20170821162047.png
Official guide price: 6.98-11.38 million
Dealer reference price: 5.98-10.38 million
1.3L owners word of mouth comprehensive fuel consumption:
Manual 6.1L / 100km
Automatic 6.3L / 100km
1.5L owners word of mouth comprehensive fuel consumption:
Manual 6.2L / 100km
Automatic 6.5L / 100km
Vicki with Toyotas family-style keen look front face, the appearance of simple and concise, stylish and dynamic, fangs of the LED in the day is also very eye-catching, to enhance the safety and recognition. Body side and tail lines are also simple and concise, stylish and smooth.
In the engine, Vios equipped Coilover Shocks with 1.3L 4NR-FE engine and 1.5L 5NR-FE engine, although not young, there is no direct injection technology, but fortunately these two engines are very durable, more importantly, special Fuel economy. 1.3L and 1.5L displacement, integrated fuel consumption in six more, and even automatic fuel consumption is not much higher. In short, Vios in terms of fuel consumption or have a very good performance.
Citroen Elysee
Official guide price: 8.38-10.48 million
Dealer reference price: 6.88-12.08 million
1.6L owners word of mouth comprehensive fuel consumption:
Manual 7.1L / 100km
Automatic 7.8L / 100km
Elysee prototype is one of the "youngest" one of the last century, the Beverly, but todays Elysee is not as good as the previous Fukang scenery, from January to July cumulative sales of 27,200.
In the body of the space performance, Elysee wheelbase to 2652mm, which makes Elysee in the same level in a great space advantage, especially the rear of the leg space is very rich.
In terms of power, the new Elysee only provides a power engine, that is, 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, 117Ps maximum horsepower, 86kw maximum power and 150Nm maximum torque compared with the same level 1.6L engine is not low The But with the five-speed manual gearbox and four-speed automatic transmission, four-speed transmission with less than satisfactory. However, the Elysee fuel consumption performance is pretty good, manual integrated fuel consumption of 7.1 / 100km.
Volkswagen Jetta
Official guide price: 7.99-13.49 million
Dealer reference price: 5.74-12.08 million
1.4L owners word of mouth comprehensive fuel consumption:
Manual 6.4L / 100km
1.5L owners word of mouth comprehensive fuel consumption:
Manual 6.6L / 100km
Automatic 6.7L / 100km
Jetta can be said that the veterans of the car god, and from the nineties of last century, well-known "youngest" to the current 1-July cumulative sales of 117,000, can be said to be a miracle. In appearance, the Jetta has now been unable to find the original "youngest" shadow, the appearance of the Jetta after the appearance of the popular family and other brother models are very similar. However, this appearance also allows consumers to tell the masses of the brothers, for example, Jetta to a certain extent, and Polaris is very similar.
In power, Jetta has 1.4L and 1.6L two displacement, and in the fuel consumption performance, Jetta also has a good performance. 1.4L comprehensive fuel consumption of 6.4L, 1.5L manual fuel consumption of 6.6L, automatic fuel consumption of 6.7L.
In short, with the Czech Republics veteran status and the public in the domestic brand appeal, sales should not be a problem. Similarly, after-sales service, maintenance, etc. should also be no problem, coupled with a good fuel consumption performance, is a very worth considering the home models.