Diesel models is still a favorite of European consumers, but the second-generation Superb diesel models are still used in the previously codenamed EA188 1.9-liter and 2.0 l TDI engine, maximum power is still 105 horsepower and 140 horsepower, with a variety of engines match 5-speed and 6-speed manual gearbox and a six-speed, dual-clutch 7-speed DSG gearbox. This situation improved in 2009, had been replaced by diesel engine codenamed EA189 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter TDI engine, which 1.6TDI 1.9TDI engine with the original engine data consistency, and 2.0TDI engine into a low-power and high power versions, maximum power of 140 horsepower and 170 horsepower.

At the same time, 2.0TSI engine is also equipped to Superb petrol models, this engine data we have to recite the. Mentioned before, it had originally planned to launch the first generation of Skoda Superb wagon, but ultimately failed to do so, this wonderful vision in the second-generation Superb be achieved. 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, Superb Combi (or part of the market called Estate Wagon) formally meet with the public, the vehicle dimensions of length 4833mm, width 1817mm, height 1511mm, trunk volume of 633 liters, rear seats recline rear it reached 1865 liters. The second generation Superb initially adopted FF layout, Skoda launched in 2009 with a four-wheel drive system Superb 4x4 audi tt turbocharger, Superb Combi 4x4 is also listed in 2010. In 2011, the top model named Laurin & Klement announced that market, which is by far the most abundant configuration, a material most sophisticated Superb, car and even the Czech government used official cars. 2012, based on the second generation of the Skoda Superb wagon-wheel-drive models to create a cross-border station wagon called the Superb Combi Outdoor is positioned like the Audi A6 Allroad, improved chassis ground clearance, front and rear bumpers, wheel arch and side skirts are made of unpainted black plastic material.

Four-wheel drive chassis with higher ground clearance, so that it can adapt to a more complex road conditions. In 2013, it introduced the second generation Skoda Superb facelift models, Skoda Superb first generation learned the lessons of change models, the second generation Superb facelift changes can be quite large. First straight waterfall grille larger area, to enable the new Skoda logo placed on the outside at the top of the grille, headlights change shape so that the original was slightly melancholy face gone before, the bottom of the front bumper air intake and fog lamps with a new design T3 turbocharger. The biggest change than the rear styling, rear license plate back to the trunk lid position, along with the return of the classic as well as Skoda C-shaped taillights, but this way, Superb facelift rear looks a bit like a section of the public models of. The second generation Superb officially discontinued in 2015 in overseas markets, but its life cycle is the continuation of the Chinese market.